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Wedding Rhyme Game
5 points for something old,
5 points for something new,
10 points for something borrowed,
10 points for something blue.

With that ring you did wed,
give yourself 5 points for sharing your bed.
Count all your jewelry, necklaces, rings, and such,
They are worth 1 point each, how many do you have? Let’s see how much.
Now count those buttons, for each you get 3, and another 3 for showing your knee (wearing a skirt or dress).

Congrats to the ladies who have wedded bliss, give yourself 5 points for this.
He loves you so, he loves you not, take off 2 points if you haven’t tied the knot.
Roses are red and violets are blue, if you’re wearing flowers, then you get 2.

June is for brides, September is too,
if you were married or engaged on either month give yourself 2.

White is for brides, Red is for love,
give yourself 5 points if you remember your first love.

You came to this party to have a share some fun,
Have a good time and if a gift you brought none.
Oh no what shall we do,
Substract all your points and
shame on you.

This game is over, wasn't that fun?
Count up your points and let’s see who won!




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