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Here is a fun game that will get everyone involved. Do you remember Mad-Libs? It is a pre-printed story that is missing all the major nouns, verbs, etc. Ask each guest for an adjective, noun, verb, or whatever the game sheet calls for and then read the story at the end of the "gift opening" session. You will soon see what great laughs this brings! You can find Mad-Lib books at any bookstore. They have ones especially made for with wedding themed parties. The words are given from each guest throughout the party. You'll soon be telling a story about when the "shocking" bride "skips" down the "slide" to marry her "skimpy" husband at the "store." Get the idea!










Play Another Love Song
You will need a cassette tape of snippets from songs that have the words love, loves or lover. You should have snippets from about 10-15 songs. After you play the tape, each person has to try to guess the name of the song and the artist/group that sings that particular song.
For example, you could use snippets of "I Could Fall in Love" by Selena or "Love Train" by the O'Jay or "I Got Love on my Mind" by Natalie Cole, etc. It's a great game that a lot of the guests think is very unique!

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