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Before the wedding party, the host/hostess comes up with a list of characteristics and price of various gifts for guests. For example, one penny for each child, .05 cents if you were married in the same month as the bride and the groom, .10 cents if you are wearing glasses, etc. Place the wrapped gifts in a pile in the center of the room. As the host reads the characteristics, each guest collects money (provided and returned to the host) accordingly. At the end of the list, the auction begins. Guests use the money "earned" to buy the gifts from the pile. When everyone has received a gift, they may open it and see what they purchased.




Box Of Wisdom
Have each guest fill out an index card upon arrival with words of wisdom/advice or a relevant Bible verse. Place each card in a recipe-type box as a gift to the bride - for a "rainy" day or any day when she needs a lift!







Door Prize
When the guests first arrive have them fill out a piece of paper with their wedding date or, if they are single, their birthday. The person with the date closest to the bride's wedding date wins the prize.

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