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Коллекция идей, игр и конкурсов на английском языке на праздник

Useful information in English: animation and games for new year party.



1/ New Year's Party Games

Board Game Tournament
  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Chutes & Ladders
  • Candy Land
  • LIFE
  • Other Board Games
    To Play
  • About 20 to 25 folks attend and everyone participates in the various board games. (Usually about 4 or 5 different games). You get points based on where you finish, i.e. 4 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, etc.
  • Once all the games are played, a king, or a queen is announced.
  • Complete with pictures and the passing of the crown! It's absolutely a blast! I highly recommend this type of event for someone looking for something out of the ordinary.
  • Champagne or Wine
  • Calendars
  • Truffles or Fancy Chocolates
  • Stationary
  • Poker Chips

Charades of the Past
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
    To Play
  • Go through magazines and newspapers to pick out events from the past year.
  • Use these events as "titles" to act out for Charades or "Win, Lose or Draw".
  • For tons of fun, make each of your guest’s team up in two's and act out whichever past year's event that they have randomly drawn.

Find Your Prediction
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Wrapping Paper
    To Play
  • Make up some phony generic predictions like, "In the New Year you will shave your head", and attach it to a corresponding item (a wig).
  • Hide predictions with their corresponding items.
  • Tell guests that predictions are hidden around the room with corresponding wrapped items, and that they each need to find one, read it aloud to the group, and open it.

Guess the Month
  • Old Magazines
    To Play
  • Go through old magazines from the past year, or to your local library (this is fun research though) to search through old news articles.
  • Find many events that took place in the past year.
  • Make a list of these events, and have your guests guess which month the event took place in. For example- "During what month did Gwynneth Paltrow win her best actress award?" Whoever guesses the most right wins a prize.

Guess Whose Resolution
  • Pieces of Paper
  • Hat
  • Scissors
    To Play
  • Cut out slips of paper.
  • Make each of your guests write down 5 resolutions, each on its own slip of paper.
  • Pull one slip of paper out of a hat at a time and read it out loud.
  • Everyone has to write down who they think made each resolution. At the end of the readings, the person who guessed the most correctly wins a prize. Read some of the wrong guesses out loud for fun!

Who Wins a Prize?
  • Just Add Guests!
    To Play
  • Every 10 minutes or so (or longer, depending on how long the party is supposed to last) call out a question that relates to guests at the party, such as "Who's the youngest here?" "Who brought the best food?" "Who said the last word?" "Who laughs the loudest?" "Who's sitting next to the hostess?" and so on.
  • Award a prize each time you call out a random question. Soon lots of people will have prizes- and they won't have to stay for the entire party, or worry about missing all of the games because they are party hopping.

2/ Christmas Games
With the holidays right around the corner, you're probably planning a Christmas Party for your friends and relatives. And you'll have to keep your guests busy and happy with lots of games and activities! Here are some ideas to help you make your party fun and festive!

Christmas Trivia
  • Christmas Tree Cutouts
  • Tape
  • Pencils
  • Paper
    To Play
  • Write questions related to Christmas on little green Christmas tree cutouts, number them, and tape them to the walls around the party room.
  • Provide your guests with pencil and paper, and have them write down their answer to the numbered questions throughout the party.
  • At the end of the party, read off the answer and see which guest got the most points for a prize!
    Sample Questions:
  • What are the names of Santa's eight reindeer? (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.)
  • What is a buche de Noel? (An edible yule log)
  • What do bad little boys get for Christmas? (Switches and lumps of coal)
  • Finish the song line: "All I want for Christmas is . . . (my two front teeth.)
  • Who was caught kissing Santa Claus? (Mommy)
  • How do you say Merry Christmas in Spanish? (Feliz Navidad.) In French? (Joyeux Noel.)
  • What did Frosty the Snowman have for a nose? (A button.)
  • Who wrote "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"? (Clement Clarke Moore.)
  • What is the last line in Moore's poem? ("Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.")
  • What is a tannebaum? (Christmas tree in German.)
  • What did the Three Wise Men bring? (Gold, frankincense, and myrrh.)
  • On the twelfth day of Christmas, what did "my true love give to me"? (Twelve fiddlers fiddling, eleven lords a-leaping, ten ladies dancing, nine pipers piping, eight maids a-milking, seven swans a-swimming, six geese a-laying, five golden rings, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.)

Candy Cane Connection
  • Candy Canes
  • Christmas Sugar Cookies
    To Play
  • Buy a collection of candy canes and break them in half.
  • Mix out the halves and hand them out to your guests.
  • When all have arrived, have them try to find the other half of their candy canes! You can play this game with Christmas sugar cookies, too!

Christmas Hunt
  • Paper
  • Markers
    To Play
  • Write out a list of Christmas related items on a piece of paper and photocopy enough for each of your guests.
  • Divide guests into teams or couples, and give them a list of Christmas-related items to locate, either in the house or around the neighborhood. Include items like: a candle, a religious Christmas card, some mistletoe, a Christmas cookie, a broken ornament, a burned-out tree light, a Christmas stamp, some tinsel, and a few pine needles.

Santa in the Lineup
  • Picture of Santa Claus
  • Pencils
  • Paper
    To Play
  • Get a picture of Santa Claus that is not the norm and keep it hidden from the guests until game time.
  • Give your guests pencil and paper and have them write down every detail they remember about Santa Claus's appearance.
  • After three minutes, call time. Show the picture of Santa and see how many details they got right. The one with the most wins a prize. For added fun, make them draw a detailed picture of Santa, then hold them up for all to see or tape them to the walls!

Christmas Bingo
  • Stationery
    To Play
    Make up Bingo cards before the guests arrive. Draw a grid. Then fill in with things related to Christmas, mixing them up for each card. For example, you might include:
  • "Still hasn't finished shopping."
  • "Is wearing red tonight."
  • "Doesn't like eggnog."
  • "Did the tree trimming."
  • "Knows what's s/he's getting for Xmas."
  • "Plans to return at least one gift."
  • "Ate too much at the last party."
  • "Bought a new outfit for tonight."
  • "Knows all the reindeers' names."
  • "Made figgy pudding once."
  • "Sang carols this week."

    Make small cards to match the items on the grid.
    Gather the guests and hand out the cards, along with a handful of small Christmas candies.
    Pick a card from the pile and read the statement. If anyone can answer, "yes" to the comment, they get to put a candy in the square. The first person to connect five in a row wins a prize.

Gift Exchange
  • "Pieces of Paper
    To Play
  • "Ask your guests to bring an inexpensive wrapped gift (appropriate for both a man or woman), with no gift tag on it.
  • "Have the guests draw numbers and choose a gift in numerical order. For added fun, let the next player have the choice of choosing a new gift, or stealing a gift from someone who has already opened it.

Cookie Exchange
  • "Paper Plates
    To Play
  • "Have guests bring three-dozen of their favorite cookies. Place the cookies on a table.
  • "When all have arrived, give the guests a paper plate and let them go around the table collecting cookies from each platter, until they have three dozen mixed cookies to take home!

Ornament Exchange
  • "Numbered Pieces of Paper
    To Play
  • "Have guests buy an ornament for the tree and bring it to the party wrapped and unlabeled.
  • "Pass out numbers and let the guests choose a wrapped ornament in order.
  • "Each guest gets to keep an ornament.

from the site: party411.com

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