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 New Year's Party Themes

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 A 2008 New Year's Eve Celebration

Crazy 8s Party


A 2008 New Year's Eve Celebration

A party in 2007 was heaven but celebrate 2008 and it will really be great! Ring in the New Year with a Crazy 8’s party - it’s fun, it’s colorful, it will be the party of the year (and that’s saying a lot since the year is just beginning).


2008 Party Invitations

Nothing sets the tone for a party like the invitation and there are so many possibilities! If you’re looking for a more traditional look, featuring balloons, fireworks or confetti .


How excited will your guests be when they receive an envelope in the mail that is not just an invitation but a candy bar as well! A candy bar wrapper with all the party information printed on it, will be a sweet surprise for everyone. (Mail it in a small padded envelope and it will arrive without any problem.)


Feeling creative? Make your own invitations using over-sized Crazy Eight playing cards or design your own cards with 2008s on them. Write the party information in silver or gold pen and include 2008 confetti in the envelope.


2008 Party Decorations and Paper Products

Welcome your guests with a great Happy New Year banner over the door and a flashing 2008 pin to put on. The banners can be used in any weather and customized just for you. And the pins are a splashy introduction to your party.


Nothing says fun and festive like balloons. Place them next to the doorways in your house or on your front step. Balloons make great centerpieces too. Use pre-made bouquets with foil and latex balloons  or create your own Happy New Year balloon masterpieces in gold and silver or jewel tones.  Don't forget a helium tank so you can inflate all the balloons!

Make your party room glitter and shine (even though it’s not 2009) with a Happy New Year kit with ceiling garlands, swirls cutouts and more . Their sparkle will be even brighter as they are lit up by the Happy New Year lights hanging around the room.

Decorate the walls with an oversized colorful 2008 and fireworks with a New York skyline.


Be sure your tables are glowing along with your decorations. Use tablecloths in silver or gold or any metallic color and set them with plates and napkins in a neon night lights pattern.  Add multi-colored star centerpieces and you have a fun, funky look.  You'll, of course, want to add more 2008 confetti around the tables and buffets.


Set up a table with a 2008 photo op on top.  We'll cut out to "0"s for people to stand behind and take pictures.  It will get everyone laughing and you'll have great pictures to remember your night!

2008 Party Activities

Don’t forget, this party is special, not just because of how fabulous it looks, but because it’s a Crazy 8s party. If you don’t have it now, you have to wait another 80 years until 2088! There are so many fun activities surrounding the number 8 the hard part is picking the ones you want.


Do you have a pool table? Well, then it’s obvious that 8 ball is the game of choice. Give your pool sharks glittering 2008 glasses, to help them play better and serve them drinks in light up glasses. They’ll be having such a good time, you'll have to pull them away to celebrate when the clock strikes 12!


The New Year is a time for thinking about the past and planning for the future so why not have fortune teller at your party? Hire a professional or a friend, drape them in festive New Year’s beads and 2008 beads and their predictions for fun will surely come true.


Don’t forget to have some magic 8 ball games too. Remember you can ask it anything…will you really win the lottery this year? Shake it and find out!


If you’re having a card playing crowd, then naturally, Crazy 8s is the game of choice. Set up card tables around the room decorated with red metallic tablecloths.


Nobody ever tires of trivia games so how about one focused on the number 8? Can you name Santa’s eight reindeer? What’s number 8 in the 12 Days of Christmas? What 1970’s TV show had 8 children?


No matter what activities or games you choose, be sure to have music playing. Holiday music or contemporary tunes are a must! Oh, and be sure to play them on your 8 track player – if you still have one.


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