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Тамада Julia - ведущая на свадьбу, корпоратив, праздничный банкет на английском, французском и русском языках

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Welcome to the web site

Master of ceremonies "Tamada Julia" is happy to say You HELLO!

Here we are and soon You’ll have a very important celebration and you are looking for a toast master or a master of ceremonies, aren’t You?

And of course You want to have a very romantic wedding party, a funny and remarkable New Year or Christmas celebration, a brilliant corporate event, a touching anniversary and birthday party, gala concert, festivity and interesting launch of the product, don’t You?

With a team of professional artists and musicians, master of ceremonies Julia is ready to do Your event unforgettable and exceptional!

Toast master Julia works in Moscow and also in other Russian and foreign cities. Being French and English interpreter, Tamada Julia is specialized in leading parties, marriages and celebration of international events in French, English, Italian and Russian languages.

You are a young MC or a professional master of ceremonies with many years of experience and You are looking for interesting information to organize an feast, party, New Year, Christmas or wedding?

Master of ceremonies Julia is glad to make new acquaintances of actual or future colleagues and to share her ideas and feast collection with them!

On the web site You’ll find some scenarios, scripts, games, contests and other interesting ideas to make Your wedding party, New Year celebration or corporate event special and unforgettable.

We hope that our collection which is regularly completed will be useful to You and that Your Wedding party, Birthday or corporate event will be fantastic and brilliant!

Our phone in Moscow is +7(926)707-56-96

We will be happy to make Your party really fabulous and breathtaking!

Sincerely yours,
English, Italian and French-speaking toast master
Master of ceremonies in Moscow

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